How To Overcome The Fear Of Spiders

Published on 07/05/2021

Honestly, who of us does not panic when we see a spider? However, people with spider phobia are particularly hard hit.  People with arachnophobia are often not taken seriously. This is a real anxiety disorder that can also cause physical reactions. We have solutions and valuable tips for those affected and everything there is to know about arachnophobia in order to make relatives aware of how to deal with those affected. You can find first aid measures here.

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Spiders

Fantasy Vs. Reality

If a spider nestles with you, sleep is gone. It could run over your face and lay eggs in your mouth. Nightmarish imaginations like this don’t have much in common with reality, however. Most spiders prefer to chill in their web and prefer to keep their distance.

Throw It Out Of The Apartment

You shouldn’t get rid of a spider with murder and manslaughter, because the animal can continue to live away from your own four walls without disturbing you. Put a glass over it, a card under it and put it out 60 meters away from the apartment – then it is guaranteed not to come back.

Find The Confrontation

Overcoming your own fear works best when you face it. Therefore, psychologists advise people with arachnophobia to look at the spiders for several hours in order to touch them in the next step. Then you will face your eight-legged roommates much more relaxed.

See A Psychologist

Spider phobia can develop into a real illness in individual cases and cause psychosomatic complaints. Accordingly, you should take fear seriously if it significantly restricts your quality of life. Tip: See a psychologist – he may be able to find out whether the phobia might not have been caused by a traumatic childhood experience. Anxiety disorders continue to develop with age. So they get worse if you don’t seek help early enough. As you get older, it becomes more and more difficult to fight your fear. Therapies are promising and can be managed in just a few sessions if the anxiety disorder is low. Also, do your best not to pass your fear on to children. As a parent, you should react confidently when you encounter a spider and not teach the child avoidance strategies before they are afraid. The foundation stone for pronounced arachnophobia is laid at a young age, and life is much easier without the fear of spiders.

Confide In Friends And Relatives

Perhaps you’ve managed to hide your arachnophobia quite well so far. Friends and relatives may not know how often you really have to think about spiders. But you have to keep pulling yourself together and trying to pretend. This behavior plagues your psyche even more in the long run and can cause you to withdraw.