Love Horoscope -This Is How Different Zodiac Signs Love

Published on 12/14/2021

Love horoscopes give us information and clarity about our attitude towards love and partnership and what is particularly important to us in a relationship. The love horoscope answers questions based on the psychological analysis of the zodiac signs. In our partner horoscope, we’ll tell you how you harmonize with other zodiac signs.

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Love Horoscope -This Is How Different Zodiac Signs Love


Capricorns value loyalty, closeness, and intimacy in relationships. For the ambitious earth sign, partnership represents the area in his life in which he wants to be able to let himself fall and enjoy – and so with sex it is devoted and with a lot of passion. Capricorns express their love primarily through acts of support, but if there are conflicts in the relationship, they will find clear words and address them openly and very directly.


Aquarians do not particularly like to commit themselves and are quite open to unconventional forms of relationships such as mingle, open relationships or platonic love. However, if you find someone who understands you, gives you enough freedom and whom you love with all your heart, you will feel absolutely at home in a classic partnership and are usually loyal and devoted. To express his affection, the Aquarius uses his creativity and gives meaningful and very individual gifts to his sweetheart. Aquarians believe in love, just not necessarily in conventions like marriage, exclusivity, and a set sexuality.


Pisces are emotional people – a deep, emotional connection with their partner is therefore extremely important to them. Since the watermark is very loyal, considerate and empathetic in relationships itself, it needs a person by his side who also has understanding and instinct for others, otherwise the fish threatens injury and pain. Pisces see the greatest proof of love in closeness and time together, romantic (or funny, adventurous, relaxed …) moments for two are a must for them in the relationship.


The need for love is typically very strong, as the zodiac sign generally feels its feelings very intensely. In a relationship, Leos can only be happy if they receive a lot of respect and appreciation from their partner. If that does not happen, the leo will get what he needs somewhere else. When it comes to love languages, Leos are often bilingual: words of affection mean as much to them as touch. In conflict situations with a leo, the tatters can fly and sometimes it gets pretty ugly. In this respect, he is best suited to stable people with a strong personalities.


Virgos have high demands on partners and relationships and are very quickly dissatisfied if something goes different than they imagine. However, one has to say: Virgo gives an incredible amount in love! In that sense, it’s only sane and understandable that she should expect something back. If something bothers her, the Virgo addresses it relentlessly, she shows her love primarily through her actions, as well as acts of support. Hypersensitive people are not suitable partners for Virgos, nor are people who like to sit behind the wheel themselves, because they can be a real bang with under certain circumstances.