This Is Why You Should Go To The Beach More Often

Published on 06/06/2021

For most people, beaches are the most idyllic places in the world. Holidaymakers come to coastal regions, large sums of money are paid in order to be able to live close to the beach. But why is that? Why do people have such a great need to be on the beach? However, staying on the beach has some positive effects on a person, both physically and mentally.
You can now learn more about the health benefits of going to the beach!

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This Is Why You Should Go To The Beach More Often

Relieves Stress

Stress relief is the most important thing when going to the beach. As soon as you step out of the vehicle into the sun, you can feel the calming effect. The happiness hormone serotonin is released almost immediately, and the background noise and appearance of the beach also contribute to the relaxing effect. The sun and the waves have a relaxing and even pain-relieving effect and let everyday stress take a back seat. There is a reason that wave noises are often used for sleeping machines. In the medical treatment of stress and anxiety, light therapy is also often used.

Strengthens Immune System

Most people already felt the pain when going into the sea with an open wound. This pain is a sign that the water is cleaning the wound. The saltwater not only strengthens the immune system due to the iodine it contains, but also has special antifungal and antibacterial effects. As a result, it supports the body primarily with external, but also internal, infections. The seawater is highly antiseptic, which is why it is even used in operations. The function of the thyroid gland is also strengthened by the water.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins in our diet, but only a very small amount is actually absorbed through food. Products fortified with vitamin D are often insufficient to provide the body with the dose it needs. Vitamin D is mainly absorbed through the sun, ten minutes a day in the sun is enough!

Better Sleep

A few hours on the beach are enough to ensure a very peaceful night’s sleep. Therefore, a visit to the beach is recommended for people with insomnia. Because three main factors that favor insomnia are alleviated: hormonal imbalance, lack of physical fatigue, as well as stress and anxiety. The sun and the reduced stress level have a regulating effect on the hormonal balance, which promotes sleep. Plus, exercise on the beach has positive effects, even if you’re just walking!

Increases Iodine In Your Body

Iodone is usually taken as a dietery supplement by some people. Iodine not only promotes hair and nail growth but also optimizes energy levels and metabolism and regulates hormone levels. In addition, iodine has anti-carcinogenic properties and can relieve symptoms of fibrocystic diseases. Going into the ocean is a great way to maintain iodine levels in the body! Iodine is naturally present in seawater and is absorbed when swimming.

Good For The Skin

The skin benefits enormously from the beach and seawater, and not just visually. After the sun opens our pores, salt water can enter and pull toxins out. This works primarily against impurities and excess oil on the skin! In addition to that, the salt and iodine in the water fight bacteria that cause rashes. The sand also removes dead skin cells from all over the body!