How To Create The Perfect Smokey Eye

Published on 12/30/2019
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How To Create The Perfect Smokey Eye

Smokey eye is essentially the most popular, elusive makeup style in the world. Everyone is dying for the infamous smokey eye, but very few know to do it. Smokey eye is a difficult makeup technique that requires meticulous skill and the right occasion. It’s not something you can wear in day to day activities and all kinds of events. If you are one of those people who want to nail down the smokey eye without having to spend money getting your makeup done then follow these next steps, we’ll have you a professional in no time! But once you’ve acquired the skill, be careful choosing when you will use it!

What To No First

There are three important factors to cover before getting started and here we have them outlined for you.

  • You always want the darkest point of the look to but at the lash line. This way the makeup looks modern and fresh and also highlights the eye itself.
  • Simplicity is key! The smokey eye is already an over the top look so you don’t need to exaggerate. Stick to three eye shadows at most and we promise your eyes will pop.
  • Blending, Blending, Blending! You want to make sure you have the right brushes to help get the perfect blend. The important factors to a successful smokey eye are not the colors or how dark you choose to go, but the key is how well you blend the eyeliner and eye shadow into the skin tone.

Let’s Get Started

  • Begin with a neutral color all over the eyelid. Colors like gray or brown are a good base.
  • Apply eyeliner all along the lash line and make sure you coat completely to make the eye pop. It’s recommended to use gel eyeliner and one that won’t smudge during the event.
  • Next, apply a layer of a dark tone over the liner and blend halfway up the eyelid into the lid shadow. Along the lower lash line, you can softly press the brush on to the lower lashes and use your fingers to have that smokey finish.
  • Now if you want to have that extra pizzaz you can add a layer of sparkly with your fingers and blend through the eye crease.