5 Essentials To Achieving The Perfect Red Lip

Published on 03/12/2020

Lipstick is a fundamental part of every woman’s makeup routine. The red-lipstick look is a classic but infamously hard look to pull off. But, rocking the red-lipstick look is definitely empowering and can immediately add a boost of confidence! If you’re wearing red lipstick to make a bold statement or just for the fun of it, it partially comes down to finding the correct shade of red for your skin. Here are some simple guidelines for perfecting the flawless red lip.

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5 Essentials To Achieving The Perfect Red Lip


Pick a shade that complements your skin tone

Always keep in mind your eye color as well as your skin tone- it makes a huge difference! A lot of it consists of trial and error, but the best advice is to know your undertone. Cool undertones usually look great with cool reds, while warm undertones look best with warmer reds! Ladies, those of you with neutral undertones, you’ll be happy to know you can just about rock anything.

Prep your lips

For a better more clean look, make sure your lips are exfoliated. There are various ways to exfoliate your lips such as, by using a toothbrush, an easy DIY brown sugar, and honey scrub or even just a lip scrub. This should always be ended with a great deal of lip balm.

Lip liner can be your best friend

Don’t be afraid to line your lips! This may seem like an outdated essential but it should not be missed during your routine. Use a red liner, an added suggestion to color the whole lip in as well. This will prevent the lipstick from bleeding as well as giving your lips a more defined look.

Avoid bright colors

When wearing red lipstick, it favorable to keep the rest of your makeup look more natural or with minimal color. Adding too many vibrant colors to your look may draw attention away from your glamourous red lips. Keeping your eyes simple is not a bad idea.

Finish the look

Another way to make your pout look slightly bigger is by adding a dab of lipgloss. No one ever wants our lipstick to start fading after just a few hours, so blotting a touch of translucent powder will help seal the deal.